The 25 Richest Families In America

Despite the extravagant cars and vacations showcased on certain programming franchises, the wealth of these celebrities pales in comparison to some of America’s richest families.

Gallo family

In the ’90s, the family purchased large amounts of land in Sonoma, California, and partnered with producers from Italy and France to establish leading brands.

Rollins family

Starting a pest control company doesn’t exactly exude images of a glamorous life, but it’s what established the Rollins family’s billionaire status. Orkin pest control was founded in 1901 and has over 400 locations worldwide.

Goldman family

The Goldman family owns hundreds of high-priced real estate across New York City. Founder Sol Goldman’s company is now owned by his four children and run by his daughter Jane.

Stryker family

The Stryker family built their multibillionaire fortune from Stryker Corp., a medical equipment company founded by Homer Stryker in 1941.

Cathy family

The Cathys know how to produce fried chicken sandwiches and have built a family fortune with their Chick-fil-A empire. Samuel Truett Cathy, a businessman, investor, and Southern Baptist, founded the family business in Hapeville, Georgia, in 1946.

Ziff family

The Ziff family originally gained its wealth through a publishing company known for PC Magazine and Car and Driver but later became known for its multibillion-dollar hedge funds.

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