FU Money: What Is It And How Much Money Is Enough?

FU money means that you have reached a state of financial stability, where you no longer rely on a specific job for a paycheck

What is FU Money?

– Gives you more control  of where and when you    want to work – You don’t work for money, instead, you make money work for you

Why FU Money Matters

Everyone should pursue FU money in some capacity.

Who Needs FU Money?

Having this kind of money saved can also protect you in case something does happen to your company where you lose the job

The amount you need will vary pending on various factors. This can include:

– monthly and yearly expenses – debt to pay – income and how you budget – How aggressive you save and     invest

How Much Money Is Enough?

1. Get an overview of your finances

2. Start cutting expenses and saving money

How Do You  Build FU Money?

3. Boost your income

4. Be meticulous with your budget

5. Start investing

How Do You  Build FU Money?

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