Get Paid to Walk: 14 Free Apps that Pay You for Walking

As a side hustle, it’s pretty cool to get paid to do something you are doing everyday or just for getting some fresh air, exercising, or completing some tasks.

Some apps offer cash, while some offer rewards, discounts and charity donations.

Is There Really Apps That Pay You to Walk?

14 Best Apps  That Pay You to Walk

1. Sweatcoin 2. Runtopia 3. Achievement 4. Higi 5. Stepbet

14 Best Apps  That Pay You to Walk

6. FitPotato 7. EarthMiles 8. Gigwalk 9. Charity Miles

Additional Ways to Make Money Walking

10. HealthyWage 11. Rover 12. Instacart 13. Postmates 14. Doordash

What’s cool about these apps is that there are variations for you based on your interests. See what you like best and what gives you the most cash or rewards.

Final Thoughts

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