Best Ways to Get Paid to Write

Being a good writer and having a strong grasp of grammar will be beneficial, anyone can get started with a bit of work and start to make money writing.

Writing online is a great way to earn money as both a side hustle and full-time position: working conditions are flexible, incomes can be very high and if you enjoy writing, then why not?

Can You Make Money Writing?

1. Content Marketer

Many businesses publish content in order to add value to their customers, position themselves as a thought leader and rank on Google. It’s a position that is in high demand and if you target the correct niche, you’ll be receiving work in no time.

How Can I Make Money Writing?

2. Freelance Writer

If you enjoy writing but don’t know where to start, starting out as a freelance writer will help you navigate various niches and projects before committing.

How Can I Make Money Writing?

3. Copywriter

If you enjoy writing more sales-focused writing that is catchy, easy to read and engaging — becoming a copywriter might be a logical way to pursue making money writing.

How Can I Make Money Writing?

4. Self publish a book or e-book

Amazon Kindle makes the self-publishing process easy and will also help you make money from your book.  Of course, don’t expect to have massive sales overnight. But it is an option to make money writing.

How Can I Make Money Writing?

5. Enter writing competitions with prizes

Need a larger incentive to start writing? Writing competitions won’t require a portfolio or huge amounts of experience: they just want a good piece.

How Can I Make Money Writing?

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