How to Achieve A Six-Figure Income

There are numerous factors that can determine how far that money can go — but it’s a huge milestone for most to achieve in their lifetimes. 

Is Six-Figures A Good Salary?

A six figure salary is an impressive milestone for anyone to reach during their lifetime and can be revolutionary to your finances. However, pending your lifestyle, environmental factors, and career — it might not greatly impact your happiness and finances as much as you hope.

Challenges with six-figure income

First, is something called lifestyle creep. Earning more money is great, if you can keep your cost of living relatively the same. Another challenge is environmental factors, like where you live currently. A low six-figure income won’t get you very far in places like San Francisco, New York City, and other major cities. 

Ask Yourself Why You Want to Earn Six-Figures

Why do you want to earn six-figures? Really ask yourself this and write down what it can mean for you, your family, and the future of your overall financial well-being. 

How to Make A  Six-Figure Salary

There are three main areas to work on that will help you earn a six-figure income: - Career - Side Hustles - Investments

1. Career

Naturally, your career is the first place to start. Honestly, you may find yourself quickly achieving a six-figure salary and hitting your goal to earn $100,000+ a year. 

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