How to Earn Money From Home

The idea of working from home and “remote” positions has grown in popularity and more companies are offering particular jobs that option. 

Advantages of Working Remotely

- Your office can be your own - Helps your finances - Saves you more time - More productive - You’re also helping the environment 

Some disadvantages of working remotely

- Feeling of isolation and lack of community with the company you work for - Not able to build working relationships as easily as in office - Although less office distracts, there are home distractions too - Less accountability, you have to be quite self-sufficient to stay on task

The Best Remote Jobs 

Many of these positions below have now become online jobs. The internet has evolved and empowered a whole different way to work and created new job positions — which means more ways to make money!

Web Developer or Programmer

With an internet connection and solid technical know-how, Web Developers and Programmers can easily work from home and make good money doing so.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing field can include everything from paid ads, creating marketing strategies, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, etc.

Customer Support

Customer support includes a whole range of things like answering customer questions, onboarding assistance, troubleshooting, strategic planning, and helping customers upgrade.

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