How to Find Unclaimed Money for Free [The Easy Ways to Get Started]

Unclaimed money refers to financial accounts that have been inactive or accounts you have not accessed for over a year. Since these assets are rightfully yours,  the unclaimed property laws require any financial institution to give you the unclaimed assets at some point in time.

Types of Unclaimed Money

Here are a few common examples of unclaimed money: - Old savings or checking accounts - Certificate of deposits (CDs) - Trust funds - Checks that were never cashed - Tax refunds that were never cashed - Retirement plans - Failed pension plans

How to Find Unclaimed Money for Free

The best place you’ll probably want to start with is the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA). The website is and makes it easier for you to get started finding money that might be owed to you for free.

How to Find Unclaimed Money for Free

Another popular option is, which is the only multi-state unclaimed property site that is also endorsed by NAUPA.

How to Find Unclaimed Money for Free

When I was on my Credit Karma account, I found out that they also offer an easy and free way to search for unclaimed money too. 

Bonus: Credit Karma

Additional Ways to Find Unclaimed Money for Free

You might have had an old bank account that was closed down. And if that bank was insured and a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), you have money waiting for you currently.  

Unclaimed Money at Old Banks

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