How to Invest $20: Easy Ways to Put Your Money to Work

In this digital age with updated regulations around investing and new fintech companies — you can start to invest with much less money. In fact, there are a few ways that you can invest $20 wisely

It does get you in the right mindset and the good habit of investing, which will be impactful as you work on your finances.

Is Investing $20  Actually Worth It?

1. Stock Market

Where Can You  Invest $20?

2. Fractional Shares

Where you can invest in fractional shares: - Acorns - Stash - Public

3. Real Estate

With $20, you have two options to get exposure to real estate.

- REITs - Real Estate      Crowdfunding

Where Can You  Invest $20?

4. Fine Art

Where Can You   Invest $20?

The latest way to invest in art is through a platform called Masterworks.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so even if you have little money or no clue what you are doing, these options can be great learning experiences.

Final Thoughts

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