How to Invest $20: Easy Ways to Put Your Money to Work

Investing $20 won’t make you rich overnight nor can you expect massive returns from this amount. But anytime you have some extra money, it can be a good idea to put it towards some investments. 

Is Investing $20 Actually Worth It?

It does get you in the right mindset and the good habit of investing, which will be impactful as you work on your finances. 

1. Stock Market

Where Can You Invest $20?

Investing in stocks is the most common way you can start to invest and there are lots of options to consider.

2. Fractional Shares 

Where Can You Invest $20?

Fractional shares let investors buy just a portion of a stock based on the money they have, making it easier to get started with small amounts of money.

3. Real Estate

Where Can You Invest $20?

REITs: This stands for real estate investment trust and is a company that owns income-producing real estate. Real Estate Crowdfunding: No need to be a landlord, property manager, or deal with other traditional real estate issues. 

4. Fine Art

Where Can You Invest $20?

Art certainly has its own risks, but it has a very low correlation to what the stock market or real estate market is doing. 

Final Thoughts

Investing $20 is not going to make you wealthy, but it gets your money mindset in shape and helps you establish good personal finance habits. 

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