How to Invest in Farmland [Diversify Into Agriculture]

Have you ever thought about investing in farmland?  Don’t worry — you do not need to become a farmer or worry about growing and maintaining crops, or take care of livestock.

Why Farmland?

According to Forbes, farmland represents a nearly $9 trillion market globally and has historically high returns. And for the past 47 years, U.S. farmland for example has yielded returns of over 10%!

How Can I Invest in Farmland?

The most obvious way to invest in farmland and agriculture is to just buy a farm directly. Of course, that thought is much easier than actually going through the process of investing in farmland.

Buy Farmland Directly

How Can I Invest in Farmland?

The beauty of crowdfunding is being able to invest with less money and dealing with fewer logistics.


How Can I Invest in Farmland?

According to the USDA, farm debt is forecast to increase by $9.6 billion (2.2 percent) to $441.7 billion (in nominal terms), led by an expected 3.1% rise in real estate debt.

Investing in Farm Debt

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