How to Live Within Your Means Without Feeling Deprived

To “live within your means” simply means you are ensuring that the amount of money you spend is less than what you bring in every month. This helps prevent you from going into debt, living paycheck to paycheck, and encourages you to save money for your emergency fund. 

Why Can It Be Difficult to Live Within Your Means?

Credit cards

Online shopping

Fear of missing out

Why Can It Be Difficult to Live Within Your Means?

Social media

Feeling limited

Tips to Living Within Your Means

The first thing you need to really understand is your monthly and yearly income. Too many people guess or think they know these numbers without actually writing them down or calculating.

1. Know Your Income (Monthly & Yearly)

Tips to Living Within Your Means

You can reach out and negotiate lower rates or even switch providers to save money. It might not make a major impact but a couple hundred dollars a year can be helpful.

2. Negotiate Recurring Expenses

How Do You Get Money to Work For You?

The best way to rewire your money mindset is to boost your financial literacy. Start reading financial books, listening to podcasts, or anything that can help you view money and consumerism differently.

3. Rewire Your Money Mindset

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