How to Make Money With Shopify  [And Start An Online Business]

Starting an e-commerce business is incredibly easy these days and you don’t even have to be super technical to get started.

Starting An Online e-Commerce Business

If you are considering starting an online business, it’s worth understanding the pros and cons in order to help you decide whether it’s the right decision for you.


One of the big advantages of starting your own online business is that you have much more flexibility with your work. This simply means that you’ll have the freedom to work when and where you want.

More flexibility


Another huge benefit to starting an online business are the low upfront costs. Most times you’ll only need to pay for website hosting, a domain name and a software.

Low startup costs


By moving online, your market extends to anyone who has an internet connection. This means your potential customer base increases dramatically; you’re not even limited to one country or even continent — if you want, you can cater to every continent on Earth.

Large potential market


You’ll find many companies selling similar products and all competing for the same customers. That’s why you’ll need to make an extra effort to find something that gives your company a competitive edge or makes it unique.

Saturated market

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