How to Make Money Writing [Best Ways to Get Paid to Write]

As you begin looking for other ways to make money, you might not have realized how lucrative getting paid to write can be.

Can You Make Money Writing?

The amount you earn varies depending on the number of hours you put into your writing and marketing yourself. As a side hustle, $500+ per month is not unreasonable and as a full-time gig, many writers can earn a six-figure income. 

How Can I Make Money Writing?

A content marketer is someone who writes content for a particular business. This can range from blog content, to newsletters, to guides and press releases, and even website copy. 

1. Content Marketer

How Can I Make Money Writing?

A freelance writer writes content for all kinds of clients. This may include magazines, media publications and agencies, blogs, as well as businesses.

2. Freelance Writer

How Can I Make Money Writing?

A copywriter is someone who writes concise copy for websites, newsletters, apps, ads, and more. This copy is designed to encourage visitors to take an action: like download an app, sign up to a newsletter, leave a review, etc. 

3. Copywriter

How Can I Make Money Writing?

If you like writing very long-form content and have a good idea or specialized knowledge in a field that could help others, writing and self publishing a book is another way to earn money writing.

4. Self publish a book or e-book

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