How to Save $10,000 In A Year  [7 Tips To Save Faster]

One of your own personal goals might be to save $10,000 in a year. It’s a pretty big sum of money and can be a huge milestone for you to reach. 

Tips to Help You Save $10,000

Meaning you not only need to believe you can reach this goal but finding ways to manifest money. Meaning, you are thinking positively and visualize yourself obtaining this goal. 

1. Change your mindset 

Tips to Help You Save $10,000

A budget helps you catch wasteful spending, where expenses can be lowered and will show you where any income gaps might be. 

2. Put together a simple budget

Tips to Help You Save $10,000

Your big three expenses typically are housing, transportation, and food. So that is a great place to start! But you might also need to do other things where that extra amount can be put towards your savings. 

3. Review your expenses rigorously

Tips to Help You Save $10,000

Essentially, as soon as any income hits your checking account, you are immediately moving a set percent or amount towards your savings and/or your investment accounts.

4. Pay yourself first

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