The Journey  to This Financial Milestone

How to Save

As of 2019, I have reached the 100k milestone, in just over five years. This total is a combination of savings, checking, investments, and income saved from my side hustle

How to Save $100K:  My Journey

1. Improve Your Salary 

The Steps to Save Your First $100k

2. Remove Your Debt

3. Don’t Just Save, Invest

4. Increase Your Savings Rate Steadily 5. Learn To Be Like the “Millionaire Next Door”

The Steps to Save Your First $100k

Increasing My Savings Rate

How I Recently  Saved $100K

Spending Way Less Than Last Year

Stick To My plan and Don’t Get Tempted

How I Recently  Saved $100K

If I Get A Raise, Then Increase My Savings Rate…Again

– Less stress about money

What It Means to Have 100k Saved

– More comfortability in your life

– A sense of accomplishment

Time and mentality are key to your overall success in anything with your personal finances.

Final Thoughts

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