How To Stop Spending Money: The Steps to Get Your Finances in Control

Overspending is a common habit a vast majority struggle with and puts many people in tough financial situations, like with high-interest debt.

What Causes Overspending? 

Emotional Spending

Social Media Feeds

Using Credit Cards

Shopping Addiction

Top Ways to Stop Spending Money

1. Learn to wait before purchasing (sleep on it)

Instead of immediately purchasing something because you must have it, wait. Sleep on any purchases first or give yourself 24-48 hours and then decide. 

Top Ways to Stop Spending Money

2. Figure out why you are overspending so much

In order to stop spending money, you have to start looking for the root cause.

Top Ways to Stop Spending Money

3. Legit track all your expenses

Many times the problem just stems from not understanding all your expenses. If you have no clue what monthly income you have and where your money goes, it’s easy to overspend. 

Top Ways to Stop Spending Money

4. Leave the credit cards at home

One way to really stop spending money, is to leave the credit cards at home. When you go out, it’s easy and very tempting to spend if you have a credit card. 

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