Top Ways  to Stop Spending Money

There is no one reason to blame for why our society trends to overspend. Sometimes it can be one singular reason and other times it can just be a combination that creates the perfect storm. 

Top Ways to Stop Spending Money

These can be used to help you improve your personal finances, help you escape living paycheck to paycheck, or just to help you stop any debt from growing. 

This will not happen overnight, but you’ll need to master self-control. What I’m talking about here is delaying gratification for the sake of helping your finances.

1. Learn to wait before purchasing (sleep on it)

Sometimes, you just need to analyze your spending situation and life. What is causing you to want to spend money all the time? Why must you feel the need to buy, buy, buy? 

2. Figure out why you are overspending so much

Many times the problem just stems from not understanding all your expenses. If you have no clue what monthly income you have and where your money goes, it’s easy to overspend.

3. Legit track all your expenses

If you can think of a credit card as not your money, then it may help you keep it in your wallet. This works depending on your current mentality, but if you think that won’t work then definitely leave the credit cards at home. 

4. Leave the credit cards at home

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