How to Increase Your Salary

Making more money (while challenging at times) has no real cap on how much you can earn. It also can have a major impact on your future finances and quality of life.

1. Ask Yourself If You Are in the Right Career Path

The best thing you can do is ensure you find a career path you are going to love and can make a decent living from. It doesn’t have to make you a millionaire, but it should be a great work-life balance.

2. Keep Track of Your Work Accomplishments

You’ll need to get on your company’s radar in some way that shows your value. This way you’ll have more leverage to make more money or ask for more.

3. Shadow Other Co-Workers and Learn

If you are looking to move up and be promoted to make more money, a great step is to learn from others.

This can be doing things on your own, taking certifications, or paying for some online classes (tons out there, and of course don’t go into major debt over this).

4. Teach Yourself New Skills Outside of Work

5. Research Market Value On Your Career

A mistake a lot of people make is not staying up on the latest market research of your job title, industry, and the current salary information.

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