How to Save $10,000 In A Year

While saving five-figures can seem pretty daunting of a task at first, reaching $10k saved is much more attainable than you might initially think.

Tips to Help You Save $10,000

It’s time to follow some essential tips that will help you save $10,000 this year (or even in less time, if you want to be more aggressive!). 

1. Change your mindset 

Start looking at money as a tool and create a plan for yourself to succeed. You may have setbacks, but you can’t let that deter you. 

2. Put together a simple budget

Organizing your spending, savings, and figuring out where you can save is not always fun — but it’s necessary! 

Since how much you can save might be more difficult if you already are on a tight budget, you need to be on top of your expenses more aggressively. 

3. Review your expenses rigorously

The goal here is that before you pay any bills or touch the money for spending, you’ve saved it. 

4. Pay yourself first

5. Earn more money 

Even if your salary affords you to save $10k, you might want to earn extra money anyway to lift the pressure and even reach this savings goal sooner! 

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