Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Picture this: you are diligently working on your finances, building wealth, establishing good credit, and doing all the right things — and then all of a sudden you become a victim of identity theft. 

A Few Identity Theft Statistics

- Cybercriminals continued hitting consumers hard in 2019, resulting in $3.5 billion in losses related to fraud recovery. -  40% of takeovers happen within 24 hours of a criminal’s access to a victim’s account. - 10% of Americans have been a victim of identity fraud, 21% of whom have been victimized more than once. - According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 1.3 million children’s records are stolen every year.

Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Setting this up allows you to get real-time alerts, so if anyone applied for anything where a credit check was done you are instantly noticed. This lets you catch things immediately so you can take action on anything that was not done by you. 

1. Monitor Your Credit Diligently

Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Review your bank statements often, check in and see the latest activity, and look for any weird payments or money transfers. Since credit card hacking is one of the top issues, definitely look at your credit card statements. 

2. Review Your Financial Accounts Often

Identity Theft Prevention Tips

The goal of this is that if someone were to apply for something where your credit is checked, that company is supposed to call and verify that it is legit before approving the application.

3. Add Fraud Alerts or Freeze Your Credit

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