Stealth Wealth: The Power of Concealing Your Money

Stealth wealth is the simple practice where you keep your wealth and fortunes hidden from others.

What Is Stealth Wealth?

Examples of some stealth wealth in action: – The millionaire that still      drives a 25-year-old car – Tech industry founders who     do not wear fancy suits

Examples of  Stealth Wealth

Avoid People

The Main Reasons for Stealth Wealth

Avoid Identity Theft

Avoid Government

1. Be careful as to who knows where you live

How to Practice  Stealth Wealth

2. Never reveal your salary or income

3. Diversify your assets

4. Avoid being flashy with everything you do

5. Buy things with a purpose or things you like

6. Practice humility and empathy

How to Practice  Stealth Wealth

Additional Benefits of Stealth Wealth

Develop Truer Relationships

Less Pressure to Always “Impress”

People Hassle You Less About Opportunities

Personal Capital:     Monitors net worth,     investments, spending,     and more for free.  Blooom: Helps you    monitor your 401k or     IRAs.

Tools to Help Your Stealth Wealth

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