35 Investing Terms: The Key Words Beginners Need to Know First

Whether you are new to investing or just need a reminder, these basic investing terms below are ones you should get to know first.

1. Broker

Investing Account Terms

This is the entity that lets you buy and sell investments for you. Usually, you pay a fee for this service. There are also plenty of online discount brokers, where you often pay a flat commission per trade.

2. Brokerage Account

Investing Account Terms

A brokerage account is created by a licensed brokerage firm, that allows an investor to add funds and then the investor can place investment orders. 

3. Money Market

Investing Account Terms

A money market account is an interest-bearing account that will typically pay a higher interest rate than a bank savings account would. 

4. 401k

Investing Account Terms

A type of retirement plan offered by employers to their employees, which usually allows investors to put their money to work in mutual funds or index funds. 

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