Investing Without The Stock Market

While investing in the stock market is still a great option for your retirement, you may want to look at other areas to put your money to work.

This is especially a great choice for your future retirement as your money can compound overtime to help you build your nest egg.

Are Stocks A Good Investment?

How Can I Invest My Money Without Stocks?

Many of these assets below will help you make money while you sleep or “generate passive income.” But more importantly, they give you additional options to diversify.

Real Estate

You want to look at real estate that does not rely on the stock market or follow the exchanges. One of those ways is to invest in rental properties.

Real Estate Crowfunding

You can build a portfolio of actual properties or commercial real estate with as low as $500. Two of the best platforms are Fundrise and DiversyFund.

Investing in Fine Art

Typically, investing in well-known art has been only for the mega wealthy. Seriously, you’ve probably seen the price tags on art by the likes of Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, and others that go well into the millions.

Start Investing in Gold Bullion

There ETF funds on the stock exchanges that do include gold as well, but you can invest in physical gold too (which can be a better option).

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