Is $10,000 a Lot of Money?  How Far Will This Amount Take Me? 

Is $10,000 a lot of money? How far will this amount take me? What should I do with this amount of cash? 

Is $10,000 A Lot of Money?

Having $10k saved is a commendable milestone but overall it is not typically considered to be a lot of money.

Is $10,000 in Savings Good?

When you hit this $10k savings goal take the time to celebrate and feel good about your efforts. It can be a long journey of work on your personal finances! 

There are quite a few options on how to best use this money and it will depend on your personal situation. 

What Should I Do with $10,000?

1. Keep It For Your Emergency Fund

If this is the first time you really focused on saving money, then there is a good chance that this $10,000 is the perfect amount for your emergency fund! 

2. Pay of Some Debt

If you already have some emergency fund set up but hit $10,000 as a separate goal, then you might want to consider paying off some debt. 

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