Is $10,000 A Lot of Money?

As you begin building your net worth and reaching new financial goals, you may set your eyes on reaching $10,000. 

For a majority of Americans today, this amount may only cover 3-6 months of living expenses pending their lifestyle and where they live. It seems to fall into the category of “having a lot of money” that you’ll want to have $100k+. 

Is $10,000 A Lot of Money?

Is $10,000 in Savings Good?

The earlier you reach this goal, the better it will be for your future financial goals and family, should you decide to start one. Ensure to save and start investing a portion to ramp up additional money. 

What Should I Do with $10,000?

Now that you understand the value of $10,000 a bit more, let’s get into some strategy to help put that money to work for you! There are quite a few options on how to best use this money and it will depend on your personal situation. 

1. Keep It For Your Emergency Fund

Maybe you lose your main source of income, a medical emergency comes up, or a major household expense happens. When you have money set aside, it creates a buffer for you and a bit of relief as you don’t stress how you’ll pay for something. 

2. Pay of Some Debt

One area that will hold many people back from winning in finances is the debt that is accrued over time via credit cards, car payments, or student loans. It can hinder your savings goals and slow down any pursuit of financial freedom you might be considering. 

3. Start Investing The Money

You can start with a retirement account you might have with your employer or open a Roth IRA with a financial company.

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