Is Living Stingy A Practical Way to Save Money?

One area of finances that gets people into financial trouble is overspending. Sometimes, you won’t even realize it is a bad habit until you take a good look at your current financial health. 

That’s where the idea of “living stingy” can be helpful to break any bad spending habits.

What Is Living Stingy? 

The concept of living stingy is to focus on delaying instant gratification and stay on a tight budget in order to save for a future.

Being Frugal

Frugality is mostly about being mindful of your spending.

Someone who is cheap is an individual who focuses on the lowest cost possible.

Being Cheap

The word “stingy” actually has a pretty harsh definition where it means you are unwilling to spend or are ungenerous with money.

Being Stingy

Why You Might Want to Live Stingy

It’s a useful strategy to get yourself out of debt and build some breathing room for the time being.

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