Keeping Up  With The Joneses:  The Bad Habit That Costs You Money

is an idiom that represents the comparison to your peers or neighbors as a benchmark for what you material goods and lifestyle upgrades you should have.

What Does Keeping Up With The Joneses Mean?

– Want to show off success

Why Do People Try To Keep Up With the Joneses?

– Needing to have what others buy

– Strong sense of instant gratification

In fact, the people you are trying to keep up with are mostly likely struggling or considered “broke.”

But, Are the  Joneses Broke?

How to Stop Keeping up With the Joneses

1. Analyze why you are trying to keep up with the Joneses

2. Figure out your own financial values

3. Take a deeper look into the Joneses

4. Stop following what others are doing so much

5. Look at your current financial situation

6. “Stuff” is generally temporary happiness

How to Stop Keeping up With the Joneses

Remember, spending on yourself is okay in moderation, but you need to find what you value most and not value what others have.

Final Thoughts

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