9 Steps to Help Teach Yourself Investing

The problem most people have is that learning how to invest can be intimidating. There are lots of fancy terms, strategies, and numbers that might concern you that you’ll lose money. 

Learn to Invest: How to Teach Yourself

One of the best first steps you can take to teach yourself how to invest is to buy and read investing books. Each book and author will give you insights and different views into the stock market and how to best put your money to work. 

1. Buy and read investing books

Learn to Invest: How to Teach Yourself

Highlight words and definitions in the books you bought and come back to them again. Re-read the terms you might not understand and do further research online if you need to. While you could go a step further and make flashcards, you don’t need to go that far.

2. Learn the investing terminology

Learn to Invest: How to Teach Yourself

Does your company have a 401k? Or other financial benefits? If so, definitely make sure you are taking advantage of that offer. This is especially true if your company offers a match on retirement investing.

3. Attend any company meetings for employees

Learn to Invest: How to Teach Yourself

It starts to shape your mind and think like an investor by giving you insights into things like the brief summary of the company’s background and financial information, name of the company issuing the stock, number of shares available, costs, growth, and more. 

4. Start reading fund prospectuses

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