Living Stingy:  Is This A Practical Way to Save Money?

Living a stingy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a drag nor do you need to live this way permanently. Instead, it’s a useful strategy to help you save money and have a purpose for your spending. 

What Is Living Stingy?

The concept of living stingy is to focus on delaying instant gratification and stay on a tight budget in order to save for a future. The goal is that you can spend the money on something more rewarding and financially stable. 

What Is Living Stingy?

Someone who is frugal is a person who takes into account both the cost and quality of an item. Frugality is mostly about being mindful of your spending.

Being Frugal

What Is Living Stingy?

Someone who is cheap is an individual who focuses on the lowest cost possible. They don’t worry too much about the quality, they just want the lowest prices at all times.

Being Cheap

What Is Living Stingy?

Although it may have a negative connotation, living stingy can be justifiable depending on your personal circumstances. But it also doesn’t mean you need to be a cheapskate or live this lifestyle forever. 

Being Stingy

Why You Might Want to Live Stingy

Living stingy is about lowering your costs and spending less as much as possible — in order to save and afford things later on in life.

The Pros of Living Stingy

This means that you’ll automatically need less money to live on in the future. You learn to live with less and don’t get distracted as easily by material things or upgrades on “stuff.”

Learn to live with less

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