Common Reasons Why Most People Lose Money in the Stock Market

When new investors get started in the stock market, many times they are disappointed when their purchase value drops.

Why People Lose Money in the Stock Market

Many of the reasons may be obvious, but are also easy to overlook or forget, especially if you are new to the investing game. 

There are tons of online articles, supposed “finance gurus,” investing newsletters, and even friends or family all touting the latest stock or fund you should be investing in.

Not Doing Any Research

Trying to Get Rich Quick

Ignore the get rich quick pitches or the “must have” investments, you should be focused on your long-term investment growth. 

Ignoring Fees 

When it comes to investing, you should know the fees that are involved with buying funds or making stock purchases/trades. 

Not Diversifying

By creating an investment portfolio with diversification, you help weather against stock market corrections, rough economies, or a bear market.

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