Money Mindset: Change The Way You Think About Money

Improving your financial health usually revolves around basic categories like cutting expenses, making a budget, saving and investing, and making more money. 

What Is Money Mindset? 

Your money mindset is the unique beliefs and attitudes you develop about money. These ideologies can stem from your environment, influences from family, friends, and other areas as you navigate through life. And your views will also drive decisions about managing money.

What is a broke mindset?

A broke mindset means that you are living your life in fear of money, that you will think you’ll never have enough, and that you’ll be unable to reach your financial goals. This affects how you manage your money and if you’ll put any effort into improving your situation. 

How Is Your Money Mindset Formed?

The way you view money starts with your daily environment and interactions with others. What did your parents teach you about money (if anything at all)? How was money handled in your household growing up? Did you observe negativity around money or positivity?

How to Change Your Mindset About Money

If you want to adjust your money mindset, one of the first places to start is ensuring you’re committed to becoming financially stable. So before you jump into investing or saving money, you need to be ready to stick with your plan and trust that your efforts will work. 

1. Make the commitment to financial stability  

How to Change Your Mindset About Money

Not everyone in your life is a money expert or can pass down the right mindset. But fortunately, there are tons of great personal finance books that can guide you in the right direction.

2. Read personal finance books

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