New to Investing? Here’s 6 Essential Things to Know

You want to retire with enough money to live comfortably if you’re like most people. As it turns out, a lot of Americans have already taken the proper steps to secure their future.

Why Should You Start Investing?

Compound Growth

Compound growth means that as you reinvest your earnings, your money will exponentially increase over time. Your investment will not only earn returns on the principal amount but also reinvested profits. 

Protect Against Inflation

Inflation can eat away at your savings if you don’t invest. Returns on your investments can help you keep up with inflation and maintain your money’s purchasing power.

Shorten Time to Retirement

Investing is a great way to shorten your time to retirement. If you simply saved your money, it would take you far longer to accumulate enough to retire comfortably.

Ride Out Economic Cycles

Investments help you ride the economic cycles. The sheer choice of investments means you can diversify your portfolio and reduce risk while progressing toward your financial goals.

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