Overwater Bungalows: From Affordable to Luxury Options

If you’re considering taking your next vacation to an overwater bungalow, you must know what to expect and how to prepare for this type of stay.

What are Overwater Bungalows?

An overwater bungalow is a luxury accommodation built on stilts over the water. A hotel room is that: They are located over water, typically showcasing a tranquil view.

What are the Benefits of Staying in One?

These bungalows, built above water, have unique views, as well as plenty of space to relax in. Some people even say that these accommodations make you feel like royalty because they’re so lavish!

Why Should You Consider Overwater Bungalows?

Every person should experience a luxury overwater bungalow at least once in their lifetime. The benefits of doing so are many; one thing is for sure: you won’t find any other place with the stunning views as those found from these amazing accommodations.

Why Are They So Expensive?

For starters, they are considered luxury accommodation and, as such, priced accordingly. In addition to being more expensive to build than standard hotel rooms, many standalone units are not family-friendly.

Who Should Consider Overwater Bungalows?

If you are looking for isolation or utter seclusion, staying at an overwater bungalow will be for you. The privacy you will find is unparalleled to any other type of accommodations. 

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