Pay Yourself First:  The Simple Concept To Start Saving Money

Pay yourself first: the crucial step to improving your financial game when it comes to saving money and reaching your retirement investing goals.

The Basics of Paying Yourself First

“Pay yourself first” is a popular phrase and strategy in personal finance that means you are automatically designating money from each paycheck at the time it is received to your savings, retirement, health savings, or other avenues that help you build wealth.

Why Should I Pay Myself First?

Practicing pay yourself first, helps you change your mindset when it comes to money. It begins to establish good financial habits, that hopefully will ingrain in your mind.

Teaches you how to prioritize your savings

Why Should I Pay Myself First?

When you pay yourself first, you establish a fund of money for the unexpected moments. You no longer feel stressed, worried, or need to go into debt to pay something.

Builds your “life happens” fund

Why Should I Pay Myself First?

Investing for retirement is also something that can get overlooked or mistreated. Yet, for your financial future to be in a great place, paying yourself first is another advantage.

Establishing a good investing schedule for retirement

Why Should I Pay Myself First?

This can be a huge motivator and no longer will you be lumped into some of those dismal statistics about money.

Helps you view finances differently

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