Personal Finance 101: How To Teach Yourself to Succeed with Money

Personal Finance 101 is the beginning steps you can take to really become self-sufficient with your money.

I’ll share some of the steps I took to teach myself and hopefully you can apply this to your own personal finances. 

Managing money has to start with the right mentality. Otherwise, it won’t be a priority to you nor will you dedicate time to learning.

Changing Your Money Mindset

Personal Finance 101: Teaching Yourself About Money

You must understand the reason why you want to learn about money. The more motivation and understanding of the impact it will have, the better off you are when it comes to putting in the work to learn.

1. Create Financial Goals

it’s also a good time to put a bunch of numbers down in a basic spreadsheet. it helped me adjust my goals and make a spending plan. This was actually another wake up call when I realized how much I’d overspend on unnecessary things.

2. Numbers On A Spreadsheet

Personal Finance 101: Teaching Yourself About Money

3. Read Personal Finance Books Based On Your Goals

There are tons of great books out there that are interesting and make learning about money easier. Dedicate 1-2 hours minimum each week reading a money book.

Personal Finance 101: Teaching Yourself About Money

The goal is, you’ll become a Personal Finance 101 master, which is plenty to make huge strides in your life. You should never stop learning, but you have to take steps and be consistent if you want real results. Good luck on your financial journey!

Final Thoughts

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