15 Easy Ways You Can Save Money On Food

One of the biggest expenses most Americans will have is how much money they spend on food and groceries per year. 

How Much Do People Spend on Food Each Month?

According to the U.S, Department of Agriculture, people in the US spend 11% of their income on food, on average. 6% of the total goes to groceries, while the remaining 5% goes to dates, lunches and general dining out. 

How Much Should I Budget for Food?

How much you should budget for food depends on how many people you are providing for, where you are living and how strict you need to keep your current budget. 

How Can I Spend Less Money on Food?

There are a few changes you can make to help you spend less money on food, many of which are quite easy to do. 

Couponing is a great way to save money on food without reducing the quality of your food too.

1. Couponing

2. Take advantage of sales

Make sure to check whenever your grocery store and shop is doing a sale. You can plan your meals around when they offer food on sale, and then take advantage of any food on discounts.

3. Meal planning

You’ll be able to keep food in the freezer, organize your shopping trips more efficiently and it’ll encourage you to eat healthy food. Now some will plan out weeks worth of meals, but you can start off much simpler than that.

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