Don’t Feel Guilty About Spending Money  [The ROI In Your Life]

You shouldn’t feel guilty about spending money if it improves the ROI of your life and you have a spending plan (some sort of budget).

Determining the ROI In Your Life

Instead of being cheap or just spending blindly, you decide what to spend money on and what not to. You’ve created a monthly budget, develop goo spending habits, and stick to it — guilt free. 

Where Spending Money Creates Trouble

Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle creep or “lifestyle inflation” occurs when your standard of living grows with your income rising. And what you might have seen as luxuries in the past, are now becoming necessities in your life.

Where Spending Money Creates Trouble

Trying to Keep Up with Joneses

We want to keep up with friends, neighbors, and what others have for fear of being left behind. Even if this means overspending and buying things that add no real value personally.

Where Spending Money Creates Trouble

Maintaining A Consumer Mentality Only

Figure out better spending habits or stop spending all together if your shopping is causing you to go broke.

Where Spending Money Creates Trouble

Lack of A Spending Plan

No one should tell you what or how to spend your money, but you must decide what is important. Your financial security now and in the future matters.

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