Stop The Financial Funk With These Tips

Being broke doesn’t mean you have no options or way out. But it will require some dedication and planning to work your way out of any bad financial habits. 

How to Stop Being Broke

Naturally, I did not have much financial literacy, so I had to research and put my own plan in place. But here’s what worked for me and I think can help you too (hopefully!).

1. Change your mindset and attitude 

I think one of the more important aspects to stop being broke and look at money differently is your mindset and attitude. It has to start here, otherwise you won’t stick with the work or changes, especially if there are roadblocks along the way.

2. Make a list of your expenses

Listing and organizing your monthly expenses is not exactly fun, but it can be super revealing to how you spend your money. 

3. Start reading and listening 

The best way to not only help shift your mindset but also to learn is to read books and listen to podcasts. There are tons available for you to choose from, which can be a daunting task in itself. 

4. Lower your big expenses 

People find themselves broke because they are living beyond their means. Look at your overall cost of living and housing. 

5. Being frugal will be a must (for now)

If you are tired of being broke, then being frugal must be part of your plan to help create some financial breathing room.  - Couponing is your friend - Become more thrifty - Buy used and in bulk - Cut back on entertainment and buying when you go out

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