Top 29 Personal Finance Tips for Beginners and Beyond

If you search the Internet, you’ll find numerous personal finance tips available. So why is this story any different?

Well, for one this is a collection of the very best ones that beginners really need to know. 

1. Create a Simple Budget

A budget gives you the big picture of how you are spending, what income you are bringing in, etc.

2. Write Down All Your Debt

It helped me organize what should be paid first, if I should make extra payments, and beyond.

If you have a limited salary and high debt, by no means should you be upgrading to a brand new car, getting an expensive apartment, going out to eat every day, etc.

3. Slow Down Your Lifestyle: LBYM

Understanding your credit scores and credit report is another important personal finance tip for beginners.

4. Maximize Your Credit Score

5. Create A Savings Plan (And Stick to It)

Many times you get a rhythm going, then you slowly get a little lazy. Don’t! This is how you fall back into old non-savings habits.

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