The Best Garage Sale Tips To Increase Your Sales

If you’re going to go through the trouble of having a garage sale, you might as well do the necessary things to ensure it’s a success. With a few tricks, you can go above and beyond an average garage sale and make it one to remember!

When to Consider Having a Garage Sale

If you’ve got the time and have a ton of things to get rid of, a garage sale is your best bet! I’d say a reasonable amount of time to expect to spend on your garage sale is 20-40 hours if you’re having a two-day sale.

Planning Your Garage Sale

Once you’re ready to have a sale, the next step is to pick a date. Make sure you check the weather forecast so you can plan around the weather.

Declutter Your House and Organize the Items

If you haven’t used the item in a long time and there isn’t any sentimental value, you might as well get rid of it. Minimizing the number of possessions you own will simplify your life and give your brain more space to think about more important things.

How to Advertise a Garage Sale

How you advertise your garage sale will determine how many people show up and, in turn, how much money you will make.

How to Advertise a Garage Sale

Facebook Marketplace has a category for garage sales, so you are free to list your garage sale there. Having a photo like the flyer mentioned above will help people be able to see the date and address of the garage sale easily. 


How to Advertise a Garage Sale

Apps like Yard Sale Treasure Map pull the listings from Craigslist, so you get additional advertisements without any extra work.


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