The Common Money Mistakes You Need to Avoid Completely

It is inevitable that during your lifetime of getting your finances together, you’re going to make some common money mistakes.

Buying a new car too soon

That money for a down payment and recurring monthly payment could have gone to paying off student loans faster or building my savings up.

Moving into an apartment you can barely afford too soon

While I was able to pay all my bills, student loans, car payment, and credit card debt, it left with virtually nothing to save or invest. This set me back a few years of having great savings and retirement.

Paying your bills first

By paying yourself first and calculating how much to take out as soon as you are paid, you ensure consistent savings.

Using a credit card to purchase a high-price item

If you can’t afford what you are putting on your credit card, do not purchase that item. This is a money mistake pretty everyone has probably made at some point.

Not living below your means

You should be spending less than you earn, making smart purchasing decisions, and not having to live paycheck to paycheck.

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