Is Farmland A Good investment?

Ready to learn more and see why farmland can be a good investment? And how can you easily add farmland to your portfolio? These answers and more below. Let’s dive in! 

Is Farmland A Good Investment?

Historically, farmland has generated strong returns for investors, helps hedge against inflation, and has low correlation to how traditional markets are moving. While the amount of available farmland continues to decline, the demand and need continues to increase. 

According to Forbes, farmland represents a nearly $9 trillion market globally and has historically high returns. And for the past 47 years, U.S. farmland for example has yielded returns of over 10%!

Why Invest in Farmland?

Farmland has very little correlation to the stock market or even gold markets for example. Additionally, the volatility of farmland has historically been less aggressive compared to other assets as well, making it a more stable option.  


You read that the amount of farmland has been decreasing. And what this does is only help create more demand and value for the land that is still available. 

Strong Demand

Yes, farmland is certainly a form of real estate. But maybe you are already investing in rentals or commercial buildings or the idea of being a landlord in the traditional sense is not for you. 

Alternative To Real Estate

Want to invest in farmland? Then you can go and buy a farm outright. However, investing in agriculture directly is very expensive and time-consuming. 

How Can I Invest in Farmland?

1. Buy farmland directly

This gives you another way to invest in farmland, where you can buy farm debt and get consistent payments (with interest) when that debt is paid down by the farmers. 

How Can I Invest in Farmland?

2. Investing in farmland debt

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