The Simple Way to Make Your Rent Payment (Bye-Bye Checks)

Paying rent is a choice many make for a variety of reasons. In addition to the ever-increasing price of homeownership, many choose to rent to keep their lives simple.

Today, I want to introduce you to a creative, innovative company that provides a unique way to pay your rent and earn extra benefits for doing so. That company is Findigs.

Who is Findigs?

Findigs co-founders, Steve Carroll and Keith Gilvar are both alums of the well-known restaurant rewards company, Seated.

Findigs began development in March 2019 and launched in the app in October 2019. Their mission is to turn the entire renting process into a rewarding, user-friendly experience.

Yes. I’m all about competition. The more options available, the more pressure on companies to improve their offerings and pricing to compete for business.

Do We Need Another Rent Payment Option?

Findigs‘ chosen delivery system is via a mobile app. And that makes perfect sense. We are all on our phones, doing just about everything from an app.

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