Tips on Making More Money Without Going Back to School

Many of these tips I’ve applied in my own life, which has helped me amp up the extra money I make each month. And these tips are all possible without having to go back to school!

Make More Money In Your Current Career

Every job and industry is different and some will require more formal training or schooling to get you to that next salary phase. But there are ways to make money and more of it in your current career. 

Ask for a Raise

The first option for you to make more money is to ask for a raise. While it can be intimidating to confront your manager for money, many times you’d be surprised at the positive response you can get.

Get certified

Again, this might not apply to every specific job or career. However, there might be options for you to get specific certifications that will help elevate how much money you can make.

Shadow other people & departments

This is actually a good thing to do ahead of asking for a raise, to showcase even more initiative. But you can start learning how to do more things or see how things operate. It can help you transition to a new role within the company that pays more or to help you become more well-rounded if you are looking to level-up your job title. 

Negotiate a higher salary

As you apply for new jobs and get offers, the hiring manager will either ask what you are looking for or generally try to give you their lowest option. But you’ll be prepared! Look at these sites to understand salary ranges and industry trends: - - - 

Earn More Money Freelancing

The best way to earn extra money is to start freelancing. It’s a great way to start making money on the side. Or as you may refer to it as “side hustling,” which that term has exploded in popularity.

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