Top 18 Income Producing Assets That Will Grow Your Wealth Today 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to grow wealth? 

You might have a few answers in mind, but one of the main areas to wealth building is investing in income producing assets. 

Best Income Producing Assets

If you are ready to take your finances to the next level and build long-term wealth, here are some of the best income producing assets you need to consider.

1. Dividend Paying Stocks 

The most popular income producing asset is investing in the stock market. And you have a few options like individual stocks, mutual funds or index funds, and ETFs.

2. Rental Properties

Many, many millionaires have been made through owning rental properties and real estate. And people continue to build their wealth through ownership of property as well. 

3. Real Estate Crowdfunding 

These platforms do the work for you and instead you choose what real estate to invest in based on your goals. 

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