Top 9 Investing Rules To  Live By 

If you have a general interest in building wealth and living comfortably in retirement, then investing your money will be an essential part of your life. 

Yet, if you are not working in the financial industry — the idea of investing on your own can be intimidating.

Investing Rules to Live By

There is no specific order to these rules, but I found each to be equally important to my investing growth. 

1. Keep money aside that is not for investing

Build your savings up to six months of expenses (or more) and don’t use that for investments.

2. Always be learning about investing

In order to be successful self-managing your own investments and learning about the stock market, you have to be consistently learning.

Understanding the fundamentals of investing and knowing how to read a prospectus of index funds, ETFs, bonds, or individual stocks. 

3. Don’t invest in anything you don’t understand first

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