Top Under the Table Jobs

There are numerous gigs you can do in order to make extra money that can go towards your savings, investments, or helping pay down debt faster. 

What Does “Under the Table Jobs” Mean?

It simply means you earn money that is “off the record” when it comes to reporting the income and strictly paid in cash. You as the person who did the work, will get cash for your time instead of an official paycheck. This means no taxes, social security taken, and no reporting.

Is it against the law to work under the table?

If you are working for cash in a non-business setting, most people will not report these cash earnings and probably won’t get flagged by the IRS. But how you handle these cash transactions is on you.

Top Under the Table Jobs

Certainly the most common type of under the table jobs is babysitting or being a nanny. Most families will pay you in cash to watch their child or children for a few hours.

1. Babysitting

Top Under the Table Jobs

Another simple option to make some cash is house sitting. No children involved here, but some families may go on extended vacations or traveling for work that need you to check up on their house. 

2. House sitting

Top Under the Table Jobs

You do not need to own a professional cleaning business to get started (although one day you might if you get a lot of work). The cleaning can be pretty straight forward like dusting, vacuuming, washing, etc. 

3. Cleaning jobs

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