How Do I Learn to Invest?  9 Steps to Help Teach Yourself Investing

1. Buy and read investing books

Learn to Invest: How to Teach Yourself

These are the few I’d recommend reading: – The Bogleheads’     Guide to Investing – I Will Teach You To    Be Rich – The Simple Path to    Wealth

The more you read these terms in books the more natural it becomes to understand and remember what they mean.

2. Learn the investing terminology

3. Attend any company meetings for employees

4. Start reading fund prospectuses

5. Follow & read personal finance websites 6. Take an investing online course

7. Learn from stock simulators

8. Start investing with little money

9. Follow investing forums

Are you in a lot of credit card debt? Do you have an emergency fund? Is your money mindset in the right place?

Things to Consider Before Investing

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