What Are The Best Jobs for Introverts?

While being more extroverted may be a requirement for various careers where interactions are a must, there is also an influx of jobs for introverts too. 

What is an Introvert?

Introverts are naturally  opposite of extroverts: extroverts are people who love social gatherings and actively seek out being surrounded by people.

Best Jobs for Introverts

According to several surveys, lawyers tend to be more introverted. This is because lawyers actually spend most of their time doing research, writing papers and preparing cases. 

1. Lawyer/paralegal

Best Jobs for Introverts

Since animal care workers spend more time taking care of animals than humans, this could be a good job for introverts that like animals. However, this career option will pay less compared to others on this list pending your choice. 

2. Animal Care Worker

Best Jobs for Introverts

Accounting is another great career path for introverts and a way to work alone. 

3. Accountant

Best Jobs for Introverts

Although you may need to interact with directors, other editors and assistants, most of the work will be done behind a computer and done from anywhere in the world.

4. Video Editor

Best Jobs for Introverts

Although counselors do require working with patients, most of the work is one-to-one and takes place in a quiet environment.

5. Counselor

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