What are the Best Money Saving Tips?

Below are 30 money savings tips that can send hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars a year back to your pockets.

Save Money on Investments

If you are investing for retirement in a 401k or IRA (you should be!), one way to save yourself money is to watch out for fees. 

1. Catch hidden fees and improve investments 

Save Money on Investments

One of the fintech advances recently is being able to invest and save spare change. One of the challenges for a lot of people is having any money to actually buy shares of stocks.

2. Save and invest spare change

Save Money on Investments

The reason they are ideal is because these funds provide broad market exposure and have low expenses and low portfolio turnover. Since the cost to invest in these funds are fractional percentages, you keep more money in the long run.

3. Invest in low cost index funds

Save Money on Food

The major money savings will be on going out to eat less. The markup on buying food at restaurants is pretty staggering considering what you can do by making it yourself.

4. Cut down on groceries

Save Money on Food

Sometimes you do need to make a good purchase to save you money in the long run. And buying a crock pot is a top choice for saving you time and money on food. 

5. Invest in a crock pot

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